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Five Budget-Friendly Dinner Recipes

Toss the menu plan to the side, these recipes are all you need to have a diverse menu for the week. Easy, peasy!

meal planner

Printable Menu Planner

Printable 167-page meal planner features:

  • 60 weeks worth of blank meal plans
  • Spot to track, save and remember favorite recipes and their location
  • 60 weeks worth of blank grocery lists to go with meal plans (never forget an ingredient again!)
  • 12 blank month pages
  • 12 event-planning pages
  • 100 family dinner conversation starters
Menu Planning Course

Meal Planning Course: On Plan and On Budget

Are you tired of planning dinner on the fly? Just to have the macaroni again? Or, worse yet, another night of expensive takeout? 

Learn how to menu plan once and for all with lessons including preparation, planning for picky eaters, making & keeping to a grocery budget and more. Plus, tips and tricks to make menu planning simple and enjoyable. 

The course is self-paced with both video and worksheet modes combined.


Start a Blog Course

Kate in an apron

Step-by-step: How to make a website to market your product(s) or recipes. This course covers everything from buying your domain to making the website, and even how to market your products on social media!

Self-paced course with interactive step-by-step videos.


Meal Planning Service

menu planning service

Get a 2-week menu plan and grocery list customized just for your family. 

Includes a one-on-one scheduled 30-minute discovery phone call with purchase.

The number of family members, leftovers required, and types of desired meats, etc. considered.


Free Instant Pot Course

Instant Pot course

Packed with easy-to-follow practical Instant Pot recipes and tips, this 5 day Instant Pot quick-start mini-course is the real deal. Become confident with the Instant Pot and stop you from feeling like an Instant Pot beginner.


Free Air Fryer Course

Air Fryer How to Use

You don’t have to guess about the air fryer anymore or freak out because a bad air fryer recipe you followed didn’t work. Let’s work on it together.